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Five 2-day Core Shamanism Courses in Bali!

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Bali, Indonesia: 6~18 May 2017

Shamans are often called “seers” or “people who know” in their tribal languages, because they are involved in a system of knowledge based on firsthand experience. Shamanism is not a belief system. It’s based on personal experiments conducted to heal and to get information. In fact, if shamans don’t get results, they will no longer be used by people in their tribe. People ask me, “How do you know if somebody’s a shaman?” I say, “It’s simple. Do they journey to other worlds? And do they perform miracles?” 

—Michael Harner, author, The Way of the Shaman, and Cave & Cosmos

The Way of the Shaman® – Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing

Five 2-day Programs of Core Shamanism in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The Way of the Shaman basic course:  6-7 May 2017

In the Basic experiential workshop participants are introduced to core shamanism, the near-universal methods of the shaman to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, one of the most remarkable visionary methods used by humankind to explore the hidden universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream. Participants are initiated into shamanic journeying, aided by drumming and other techniques for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with Nature. You are also introduced to shamanic divination and healing, and methods for journeying to meet and study with their own individual spirit helpers in non-ordinary reality, a classic step in shamanic practice. Participants learn how the journey is utilized to restore spiritual power and health, and how shamanism can be applied in today’s world.

∆ ADVANCED COURSES (The Way of the Shaman basic course is prerequisite)

Shamanic Extraction Healing Training: 8-9 May 2017

Participants are initiated into the extraction method of healing, including how to see, sense, and remove localized illness and pain connected to spiritual factors. This is an important part of shamanic healing training. You will also learn how shamanic practitioners can work in partnership to increase the effectiveness of this work. The Extraction Healing Training workshop is designed exclusively for people who want to bring shamanic healing work into their practice with others. It is not designed for people looking for personal healing.

Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature  11-12 May 2017

From ancient times, shamans have worked with the spirits of nature for healing, survival, and knowledge. By learning from the plants and animals, from the rocks and mountains, from the winds and waters, and from the sun, moon, and stars, shamans helped their peoples live in harmony with the universe. In a world now out of balance, the way of the shaman can teach how again to respect nature, our Planet, and its inhabitants at a deep spiritual level. As our ancestors everywhere once knew, our survival depends on the survival of the other species. By working together intensively through shamanic journeys and other spiritual experiences, we will dedicate ourselves to working in both non-ordinary and ordinary reality to restore and maintain a living Planet.

Shamanic Divination Training  14-15 May 2017

One of the classic tasks of the shaman is to journey into non-ordinary reality in order to obtain answers to questions, both at the request of others and for oneself. Participants in the workshop have the opportunity to engage in divination journeys for each other as well as for themselves and to gain experience in using various time-tested shamanic divination techniques. In the shamanic search to become persons of knowledge, they learn, as shamans have from time immemorial, how to converse with plant and animal spirits, how to learn about the use of quartz crystals, and how to seek and receive revelatory knowledge from visionary sources.

Shamanic Dreamwork  17-18 May 2017  

In this unique experiential workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the nature, meaning, and use of dreams among shamanic peoples, with dreamwork practices from a range of cultures. Researched and developed by Michael Harner, subjects to be covered include shamanic dream theory and big dreams, as well as dreams and the soul, spirits, shamanic journeys, the Dreamtime, and the vision quest. You will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge to contemporary life, including the use of dreams in divination, health, and healing.

The Director for Asia of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) is your guide for these exciting days of shamanic initiations. Course only fees: US$250 per 2-day course; discounts if registering for 4 or 5 courses together. *The Way of the Shaman basic course is prerequisite for all other courses.

The course location is in a secluded area northern Bali. A deposit will hold your space. The courses do fill up, so please register soon here:

**FSS 3-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing: These courses in June can fulfill prerequisites for application to the FSS 3-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, currently due to start 12-23 June 2017. This program meets for 12 days in each June of 2017, 2018, and 2019. INFO

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