Testimonial from Robert Thé:

I am a Medical Anthropologist, specialising in the Amazonian shamanic healing tradition both as a researcher and an active practitioner. I am also engaged in ongoing training in FSS Core Shamanism. I have attended the basic and five advanced Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) courses run by Kevin Turner, and look forward to signing up for the three-year training to be held in Asia at some point in the near future [June 2017].

The main value of the courses and training is to have a very strong foundation to develop deep understanding of what traditional shamanism actually is and what practices and skills are needed to become confident and accomplished as a shamanic practitioner. The courses are coherently and expertly presented and Kevin draws upon years of deep training in not only Core Shamanism but also other profound spiritual lineages and modern psychic technologies, and is able to easily present complex information in a very lucid and enjoyable manner.

If you are looking for solid and grounded training with ample opportunity to hone your knowledge and skills, the Foundation provides one of the best frameworks to learn and develop in a structured and steady way, and Kevin Turner is a rare combination of highly experienced practitioner and masterful communicator and teacher.

I highly recommend both the Foundation’s courses and Kevin Turner as their teaching representative.

Robert Thé, Spirit of the Amazon