The Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive

Online Course #3:  18-19 June 2022

The shamanic worldview underpins the ethical and effective practice of shamanism. Experiential knowledge of this worldview leads to a profound awareness of the sacred nature of our world and an awakening of compassion, resulting in a deep desire to relieve pain and suffering and restore balance and harmony. Using journeying and experiential shamanic methods, in this online workshop you will have the opportunity to personally explore and experience the fundamental aspects of the shaman’s worldview:

  • Everything is alive and has spirit
  • Unity: We are part of, connected with, the totality of nature
  • Independent spirituality, the shaman as one who knows
  • The implications of these principles related to permission when doing shamanic healing and divination

What participants say:

Awesome workshop! I learned so much more about permission and the sovereignty of the soul and the dire consequences of imparting healing done without permission. I learned to bring in/connect with an entire arena of souls: objects, known as inanimate objects, who are so far from inanimate! This connection/awareness of objects with souls has given me such a respect of and honoring for all objects. It has expanded my understanding of ‘The Sacred.'””It was interesting and eye-opening to delve deeper into the shamanic perspective. The course reaffirmed the teaching that everything is alive and connected, but gave me a new way to truly experience that. I learned how to communicate with beings of different types, and experience this teaching in a new way with a supportive community, and through an inspiring and nurturing teacher.

Amazing. It was extremely powerful. The most powerful and fun process was merging with inanimate objects; it was world expanding and mind-shifting in potent ways. And it was hysterically funny. Spirits are funny! Who knew? What a fine and timely addition to the pantheon of choices for shamanic training.

This course was foundational for me. As I am just starting out on the journey of shamanic study, I found the ‘worldview’ discussion to be something essential. A piece of the puzzle I absolutely needed to know, but didn’t know that I didn’t know.

The workshop was one of the most beautiful and enlightening workshops I ever attended.

This experiential online training taught by the Director for Asia will be in two 3.5-hour sessions, Saturday-Sunday, 3pm~6:30pm.

  • Instructor: Kevin Turner, Director for Asia
  • Dates: Online, to be announced
  • Prerequisite course: The FSS (online) Shamanic Journey course, or the FSS 2-day (in-person) Way of the Shaman basic course
  • Hours: Zoom Video conferencing, 3pm~6:30pm each day (Singapore/Bali/Taiwan time zone)
  • Fees: Japanese Yen 18,000 via Paypal. Choose Japanese Yen for Receiver, and you pay in any currency. Please contact us for registration forms and other payment methodes.


  1. The basic Way of the Shaman (2-day in-person workshop); or
  2. OR the ONLINE courses Shamanic Journey #1 AND Shamanic Divination #2.