Shamanic Gathering 1

Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Seminar

*Prerequisites: Extraction Healing, Dying & Beyond, and Power Soul Retrieval courses


NEW FSS course for Advanced Practitioners! A rare chance to review, exchange information and discuss shamanic healing case histories with the director for Asia and other advanced practitioners. Those who are beginning a shamanic healing practice, as well as experienced practitioners seeking to increase their proficiency, can benefit from this hands-on training. These 2 days provide participants the opportunity to “put it all together” by applying multiple core shamanic healing methods in a solo session for another participant. The first day includes a review and practice of these primary methods: extraction healing, power animal retrieval, psychopomp work, and power soul retrieval – these are not reviewed in the 3-Year, so this is useful for everyone! . General parameters of a shamanic healing session, as well as how to work with clients and important ethical considerations will be discussed. On day two, participants will have the opportunity to offer a complete shamanic healing session for another workshop participant. Afterward, there will be group Q & A and discussion focused on clarifying the methodologies and addressing issues that arise during the healing sessions. Saturday and/or Sunday evening social gatherings planned – join us for a reunion of advanced students! (Three-Year Program students are welcome, but we’re not practicing 3-Year techniques in this course). *Prerequisites: Extraction, Dying, and Power Soul Retrieval (2-day) courses. Registration: INFO