Fourth course in the FSS Asia ONLINE Series

Shamanism, Spirits, and Healing

Online Zoom Course #4:  26-27 February 2022

Effective shamanic practice depends upon knowledge of the spirit realms and how to access them to build strong relationships with the compassionate helping spirits. Powerful shamanic healing requires training, discipline, and experience. In this experiential workshop, which sets the context for the Shamanic Healing Online Training Program, you will have the opportunity to personally explore:

  • The three worlds of the shaman (Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds) and the qualities of ordinary and non-ordinary reality;
  • The nature of the spirits of the three worlds;
  • Middle World non-ordinary reality spiritual aspects and their relationship to illness and wholeness.

Primary shamanic healing methods will be described, including shamanic extraction healing, psychopomp to help the spirits of the deceased, and soul retrieval. You will learn and practice power animal retrieval, with the chance to work with another participant to both retrieve and receive a power animal. What participants say:

“This was a profoundly powerful and helpful workshop for better understanding the differences in perception from ordinary reality to non-ordinary reality. The practices helped to emphasize the experiential nature of this understanding and it was lovely to work with new people and delve in deeper. I would highly recommend it!”

“Fantastic! It was an excellent balance of lecture and practice, solo work and partner work, and really built beautifully on the previous trainings. I loved being introduced to Middle World work with a lot of clarity and guidance on safety, and felt very moved at how familiar all these souls are to me. As someone who primarily started this training inspired to connect with animal helpers for my own healing, I’m now feeling inspired to work with them to heal others.”

“Excellent. Fascinating content and exercises. Results of exercises were affirming, helpful, intriguing and educational. Renewed my interest in more journey practice and helped me feel more confident. Furthered my education. All good!”

This experiential online training taught by FSS Director for Asia Kevin Turner is offered via Zoom video conferencing, which is free to individual users. Participants will see and hear each other and interact in pairs and small groups, as well as in the full circle. (All students must participate with audio and video and access the meeting through their own individual device.) Instructions for Zoom and workshop access will be provided by the instructor after registration. The course consists of 7 hours of training. Faculty members may teach the workshop in two 3.5-hour sessions or one seven-hour session. 15,000 Japanese yen.

PREREQUISITES: Both the Online courses, The Shamanic Journey, and Shamanic Divination in Practice, (or the in-person FSS Way of the Shaman basic course anytime in the past). AFTER you have completed the prerequisites, please register for this course by email here: REGISTRATION

*NOTE: Participants must be able to successfully journey to contact at least one helping spirit from the Upper or Lower Worlds.