Shamanic Healing Services

Please read this article on Shamanic Healing by Dr. Michael Harner

before considering whether shamanic healing may be for you:

Shamanic Healing: We Are Not Alone


Shamanic divination & diagnosis

Soul parts retrieval & integration

Guardian spirit retrieval/reconnection

Shamanic extraction healing

Psychopomp healing (for deceased)


cvcvI I experienced a Soul Parts Retrieval in a session with Kevin, and it has greatly changed my life and put me on a new and exciting path.  Since then, many possibilities have opened up for me and am now collaborating with new friends in a new business venture as well, with great financial backing.  Not only that, I have also found so much happiness and peace in new relationships while letting go of those relationships which were toxic for me!  I am quite amazed at how fast good things have happened too, and how present I am to meet each new opportunity with calmness.  I can attest to Kevin`s abilities as a Shaman and as a teacher for The Foundation for Shamanic Studies because I have taken some of his courses. Anyone who wants to move forward more smoothly in their life transitions would also benefit from some deep soul exploration in the courses Kevin offers. – N.M.

cvcvIn my session with Kevin, he retrieved a Soul part that I had lost long ago, the joy of having fun. The moment I regained that piece, I felt as if I was a child again and could not stop laughing. Regaining this childlike playfulness, my life has been changing and still is, even now. I started to do the jobs that only I feel “I want to do this job” with a fun and positive feeling.  Many changes in my daily routine have come. The biggest change in my life is that I’m now able to laugh about myself. It was impossible for me to laugh about myself before because when I was a child, I was often teased.  Since Kevin’s session, I’m able to laugh a lot. My husband and I both laugh often these days. Thanks to Kevin, life seems lighter and less serious. I have deep gratitude for this. – K.Y.

*Kevin has a waiting list, and is only available for distance healing at this time.


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