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Kevin B. Turner, MA

Kevin 老師簡介: 經過跟隨在印度、尼泊爾、東南亞、台灣 與日本的瑜珈修行者、和尚與喇嘛們的多年學習,Kevin 在1997年遇到了麥可哈納開始了他的薩滿之道。Kevin曾與秘魯、尼泊爾及墨西哥的薩滿們共事。在2007年,他受邀去教導馬雅長老們關於 “psychopomp” 死後靈魂復元療法 。Kevin 在高棉的內戰時期,參與 Save the Children 的運作,曾在台灣的航空公司及日本的IBM工作過,並擔任過不少大學的講師。他是 Monroe Institute 的推廣者,本身也是位遙視者。Kevin 從1986年開始就是位Kriya Yogi,接受過藏傳佛教 (Kagyu School) 的訓練。他雖然出身於美國的 Arizona 洲,但居住在亞洲超過二十年之久,目前在日本京都從事薩滿療癒工作。

Kevin is the Director for Asia, a teaching faculty member, and a field research associate for The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS). He is the author of the 2016 book Sky Shamans of Mongolia.

After years of study with yogis, monks and lamas in India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Japan, Kevin met Michael Harner in 1997 and began his shamanic path. Kevin has worked with shamans in Mongolia, Peru, Nepal and Mexico. In 2007, in a bit of a turn around, he was invited to train a group of Mayan Elders in psychopomp work (assisting those who did not transition to the afterlife states well). He published his research into Mongolian shamanism in the annual Shamanism journal, and has presented at the annual FSS Council Meetings.

Kevin has worked for Save the Children in a Cambodia at civil war, airlines in Taiwan, IBM in Japan, and has lectured at a dozen universities. He was a facilitator at The Monroe Institute for over 12 years, and still practices remote viewing (clairvoyance under a scientific protocol). Kevin has been a Kriya Yogi since 1986; he was personally initiated by Swami Hariharananda, the last living disciple of Sri Yukteswar in the original Karar Ashram in India (as described in Autobiography of a Yogi). He has also received initiations and training in the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism. Though born in Arizona, USA, Kevin has lived in Asia for over 25 years and currently has a shamanic healing practice in Kyoto, Japan.

Kevin recently spoke at the International Transpersonal Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, in September 2017. The entire talk and slide presentation in English is accessible free of charge: HERE

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A recent Internet radio interview with Kevin about his new book, Sky Shamans of Mongolia: HERE

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