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FSS Asia 2016~2017


  • 3-4 September, Taipei, Taiwan: The Way of the Shaman basic course
  • 7-8 September, Bali: The Way of the Shaman basic course INFO
  • 10-11 Sept, Bali: Shamanic Extraction Healing Training
  • 13-14 Sept, Bali: Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature
  • 16-17 Sept, Bali: Shamanic Divination Training
  • 19-20 Sept, Bali: Shamanic Dreamwork
  • 1-7 Oct, The Monroe Institute, Virginia, USA: Exploration 27 Program (advanced)
  • 8-14 Oct, The Monroe Institute, Virginia: Gateway Voyage (starter program)
  • 29-30 Oct, Taipei, Taiwan: Shamanic Extraction Healing Training
  • 5-6 Nov, Taipei, Taiwan: Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond
  • 14-15 January 2017, Phuket, Thailand: The Way of the Shaman basic course
  • 17-18 January, Phuket, Thailand: Shamanic Extraction Healing Training
  • 20-21 January, Phuket, Thailand: Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond
  • 23-24 January, Phuket, Thailand: Power Soul Retrieval (*special prerequisites: Extraction, Dying & Beyond)
  • June 2017~19: FSS Asia Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism & Shamanic Healing Prerequisites: basic Way of the Shaman, Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, and at least two other advanced 2-day courses. Program meets in Bali for 12 days in June each year. First session confirmed: 12~23 June 2017.  INFO


Course Registration

Please copy the 7-point list below and email your registration information to the address here in blue (change [at] to @):  info[at]shamanism-asia.com 1. Name, nationality, currently residing in (city/nation): 2. Email address: 3. Mobile-cell phone/ telephone numbers: 4. Course titles, locations, dates: 5. How did you learn about our courses? (newsletter, flier, Internet search, Facebook, magazine, friend, other website link, etc.) 6. Previous experience, comments, or questions: 7. If registering for advanced courses only, please give the date, location, and instructor with whom you completed the FSS basic Way of the Shaman course:

Bali local mobile/cell phone: 0813-5336-5056 (near course days in Bali only)

Japan telephone: 090-7118-5785

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